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5. Known Limitations

  • Limitations of the completion mechanism:
  1. Path Completion
    • The let module construct is not handled

  2. Record Completion
    • The record field cannot be qualified
    • If the record type cannot be inferred (i.e. inferred as '_a or 'a) then no completion is proposed

  3. Match Completion
    • Record fields must not be qualified
    • or patterns are not handled in pattern-expansion
    • Constructors are properly qualified if necessary, but only at level 1

  4. Limitations common to all commands
    • Completion of an incomplete identifier which appears to be a keyword, such a val for value for instance
    • Completion within a module which has an imposed signature
    • Completion within a class or on class attributes
    • Completion within mutually recursive functions, if one of the recursive function defined below in the source code is used before the completion point
    • It is possible that a type variable cannot be generalized, because its type can only be inferred from code which is located after the completion point
    • Variants are not supported

  • Limitations with Locate/Compile:

Remember that .owz files must be generated with ocamlwizard compile in order for ocamlwizard locate to be used

  • Navigation in classes, attributes, methods and class types are not supported
  • Limitations with Refactor:
  • Only values are suported
  • There are some limitations with higher-order functors (i.e. functors with functors as arguments)

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